What you need to know before organising an event on Waiheke

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Are you in charge of organising a wedding, celebration, stag/hens weekend or other event on Waiheke Island? Whatever you choose is going to be spectacular, but there are a few logistical details to straighten out first.

Work with a local

A Waiheke-based event planner will be able to get your the best deals with local vendors and has the inside knowledge to create a truly memorable event. Our events team at Te Whau Lodge regularly work with different sizes and types of events, and can put together a package to suit any occasion.

Soak up the culture

Waiheke has a rich and decadent gastronomic culture, and you’d be remiss to plan an event without careful attention to the food and drink served. Whether you take your group out to one of the island’s stunning wineries, or have a catered meal on the verandah overlooking your own private beach, you need to put in some careful planning to ensure all tastes and appetites are appeased.

Relax and unwind

Any Waiheke event should include time to relax and rejuvenate in picturesque surroundings. Choose accomodation that takes your group away from the bustle of city life. The sparkling waters of the Hauraki Gulf will be your backdrop as your stresses and fears slip away. Te Whau Lodge is perfect, as it offers luxurious suites for up to 8 guests.

To add an extra touch of pampering, you can even order a massage or spa treatments in your rooms.

Consider transport options

Getting to, from, and around the island can be a logistical nightmare if you’re not prepared in advance. Carefully consider how to get your group over to the island and home again – will you take the ferry, a private vessel, or indulge with a scenic fixed-wing or helicopter flight? Once on the island, you’ll need to get to various activities and dinners – luckily, the Te Whau Lodge team are more than happy to organise transfers.

Save some time for wandering

When creating your Waiheke Island event, don’t plan every single minute. Leave some free time for walking along the spectacular beaches, reading on your private deck, or enjoying a glass at one of the world-famous vineyards.

If you need assistance planning an event on Waiheke Island, contact the friendly team at Te Whau Lodge.

Posted by on January 28, 2019