What is the best time of year to organise an event on Waiheke Island

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Weddings, corporate functions, and other events are held throughout the year on Waiheke. Every season offers something special – but which is the best for your event?


Spring on Waiheke is simply spectacular. Flowers are in bloom, the air is crisp and fresh, and the aroma of grape harvest and delicious food scents the air. With a milder climate than summer, Spring can be a great time of year for an outdoor event. It’s usually a time of year where few family and friends have commitments, making it a great time for a wedding!


Inclement weather discourages many from visiting Waiheke, but if you choose to host your event during this season you’re in for a treat. For one thing, you’ll have many popular spots to yourselves, and you may be able to snag a bargain as prices for some vendors drop during winter. But the best reason to host a winter event is the warm and cozy atmosphere at Waiheke – imagine enjoying a beautiful island wine and rich desert next to a roaring fire while looking out over the Hauraki Gulf? Perfection.


Autumnal colours burst from every corner as the weather starts to cool. Events held in autumn look amazing with a darker colour scheme incorporating the bronze, orange, deep purple, red, and green of the surrounding landscape. Some of our best clear and starry nights and our most beautiful sunsets occur over Autumn. It truly is the best season for events if you want to soak up the atmospheric beauty of the island.

Of course, you may struggle with the weather for outdoor events, but less so than in winter. You can enjoy all the fine things that create a feeling of coziness – blazing fires, mulled wine, delicious food, rich desserts, free-flowing wine, and great company. What’s better is that because this is a slower season on the island, you may be able to snag a bargain from one of your vendors.


Summer is wedding and event season on Waiheke Island, and for good reason! The weather is stunning, the kitchens are stocked with delicious ingredients, and vendors are putting their best foot forward to deliver exceptional service. The days are long, the nights last forever, and the pace is relaxed and casual. If you want to eat and drink the best island fare, enjoy the pristine beauty of Waiheke, and dance all night long, then Summer is your month for events.

Whatever the season, Te Whau Lodge can help you create an event to remember. Contact us today to talk about your Waiheke event needs.

Posted by on March 06, 2019