Best instagram spots on Waiheke Island

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Waiheke Island is officially the most instagrammed location in New Zealand. That’s hardly surprising, given our abundance of pristine beaches, stunning natural vistas, world-class restaurants, and attractive vineyards.

If you want to share your next getaway on Waiheke Island, here are the top shots you absolutely need to get:

Instagram Post of girls on a boat in bikinis

1. Lazing on a boat with champagne

Nothing says summer at Waiheke like being out on the water. @rebecca_dieu’s pic is just one of hundreds showing a relaxing ride on the waves.

Instagram post of a girl in the grape wines of a winery

2. Walking between the vines at a top vineyard

@anyaskripnikova has it right – nothing says welcome to summer like dancing in the vineyards kissed by the Pacific sun.

Women in front of a helicopter

3. Wine tasting in style

A glass of wine in the summer sun, a group of friends enjoying a tipple, or – like @worldofjessicaalice – a helicopter to transport you to your next destination, wine tasting on Waiheke is the epitome of indulgence and style.

Women in a bikini in the water

4. Bikinis, hats, ocean, bliss

Waiheke’s waters are perfect for swimming, so it’s no surprise people love to post pics of them enjoying the water. @lanavanhout is just one of many visitors taking a dip in Man O War Bay.

Instagram image of a women in her wedding dress

5. Wedding Prep

As one of New Zealand’s favourite wedding destinations, many Waiheke photographs on instagram are weddings. We love this gorgeous shot of a bride preparing for her big day from photographer @pamela_mansell.

Instagram image of oysters on ice

6. Delicious food

Capture the freshness and uniqueness of Waiheke cuisine and make all your friends jealous by shooting your food. @stephanie.p08 is enjoying local oysters and floral spritzers at one of our favourite haunts – the Oyster Bay Inn.

Instagram image of a beach on Waiheke Island

7. Breathtaking scenery

From rugged coastlines and native trees to local flora and fauna, Waiheke scenery is a feast for the eyes. @chlovand shot this amazing image of the Waiheke coastline that, in her words, “sums up why I love New Zealand.”

Instagram image of a man jumping in the air on the beach

8. Jumping during sunset

Is there any more quintessential Waiheke instagram shot than taking an enormous leap in the air during a breathtaking sunset, throwing your body into a silhouette against nature’s beautiful backdrop? As @travellerczech aptly demonstrates, no, there is not.

If you’re heading to Waiheke, make sure you keep your camera with you at all times. Don’t miss that perfect Waiheke #nofilter moment.

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