10 tips for taking on Waiheke Island in style

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A Waiheke getaway isn’t like any other – there’s something special and unique about our island paradise. If you’re ready for a stylish holiday worthy of a celebrity, then here’s how to indulge yourself on Waiheke Island:

1. Travel in style.

They say it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. Make your journey to Waiheke Island an event in itself by chartering a fixed-wing flight or a helicopter. Te Whau has its own helipad so you’re able to land right on our lawn. Talk about making an entrance.

2. Invite the best people.

A weekend away is even better if you share it with people you love. Take your partner for a romantic getaway, get the girls together for a pampering weekend, or treat the family to a holiday they’ll never forget.

3. Pack the perfect swimsuit.

You’re on Waiheke Island, home of picturesque beaches and cozy inlets. Even if the ocean is too cold for a dip, you’ll want to relax in the hot tub with a glass of bubbles. The perfect swimsuit is essential. (Shape has an ultimate guide to the perfect swimsuit).

4. Take things slow.

Don’t pack out your itinerary with lots of different activities. Island life unfolds at a slower pace. Take time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Waiheke.

5. Be merry.

Indulge your senses in Waiheke’s wine country with a visit to some of her most iconic vineyards. Waiheke is all about awakening the senses, so enjoy trying the different varieties and flavours and learning about the island’s viticulture.

6. Indulge your taste buds.

Alongside the wine (which you should enjoy in abundance) is the food. Fresh, local ingredients deftly handled by the nation’s top chefs to produce some of the most delicious cuisine in the whole of New Zealand. Expect to return a size larger from the sheer indulgence of Waiheke’s hospitality.

7. Snap away.

Capture your favourite Waiheke memories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Waiheke is the most instagrammed location in New Zealand – and with good reason! Don’t be shy, grab your phone for that perfect shot.

8. Choose accommodation with style.

Don’t stay just anywhere – choose accommodation that encapsulates the experience of Waiheke with opulent rooms, a picturesque location, and helpful staff who’ll cater to your every whim. (Obviously, Te Whau Lodge should be top of your list.)

9. Pamper yourself.

You should return from Waiheke rested, relaxed, and joyful. Let our team organise activities that suit your personality, or pamper you with spa treatments and massage in your rooms. Sleep late and stay up watching the stars. If you slow down, the joys of Waiheke will open up to you.

10. Something to remember.

Bring home something to remember your trip, whether it’s artwork from one of Waiheke’s celebrated makers, some homemade goodies from Ostend market, a bottle of wine from your favourite winery, or a smooth stone you find on the beach. Take Waiheke memories back to the real world, and count down the days until you return.

Talk to the Te Whau Lodge team today about planning your Waiheke Island getaway.

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