Secrets to planning the ultimate romantic luxury getaway on Waiheke Island

Planning a romantic getaway

Are you and your lover in need of a kid-free, guilt-free, stress-free getaway? Are you celebrating an anniversary or planning a surprise engagement? Here are our tips for creating the dream romantic holiday.

1.“Romantic Getaway” or “Time Out”

In a fast-paced life, we just need a time out or that special romantic weekend to show each other how much they mean or simply to recharge our batteries. Sometimes we set expectations that you both try to live up to, and may ultimately lead to awkward moments. Don’t set yourself up with expectations about what your weekend “should” be – just focus on creating an enjoyable experience you share together.

2. Try the ‘shoulder season’

Romance doesn’t have to happen in the height of summer - it can happen any time of the year. You’ll get lovely settled weather even on some autumn and spring days and many restaurants, wineries, and accommodations may not be overflowing so you should get your first choice. Just be aware, on Waiheke many businesses have reduced hours over winter, so do plan your trip carefully.

3. Go remote

For a truly romantic vibe, choose accommodation that offers seclusion and isolation. Get away from the noise and the technology and the chores and the small talk and enjoy each other’s company and the rejuvenating power of nature, ideally with relaxing expansive water views.

Te Whau Lodge is a great location for exactly this reason – where you can forget the world and lose yourself in the spectacular panoramic ocean view, which are often likened to those of Santorini. You can even start your getaway in style and land on-site in a helicopter.

4. Let someone else take control

For some people, it can be hard to truly relax if you’re trying to organise the perfect weekend. Instead, why not relinquish control and allow the expert team at Te Whau to plan the perfect romantic getaway – including stunning gourmet food, exquisite wine, pampering spa treatments, and plenty of time for enjoying each other. We even offer a special, very popular romance package to make the planning easy.

5. Do things you both enjoy

This is not the weekend to drag your partner around things that don’t interest them. Try to include activities you both enjoy. If you love a cultural experience, then visit some of the art galleries. If you’re both big on farmers markets, then definitely check out the Ostend Market, and if you both enjoy wine, then book in a tasting. But don’t force yourself to do things just because you’re ‘supposed’ to.

With its sweeping beaches, stunning scenery, and dreamy food and wine, Waiheke is the perfect lover’s retreat. Book your Waiheke holiday now.

Posted by on October 25, 2018