How to find the best accommodation on Waiheke Island

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Booking a hotel, lodge, or other accommodation on Waiheke Island is the easy part – it’s choosing from the varying range of options and price points that could have you tied up in knots.

Your accommodation sets the scene for your entire holiday, so you have to get it right. We’ve created this guide to help you narrow down your choices and secure your dream luxury Waiheke accommodation.

Decide what you’re looking for in a getaway

This first step is key, because luxury Waiheke accommodation offers a range of different experiences depending on your needs. Are you after a relaxing weekend of spa treatments and seclusion, or are you celebrating a wedding anniversary in style with a romantic getaway. Maybe you’re wining and dining clients, or taking your closest friend on a stress-relieving vacation. Understand what you’re looking for before you begin your search to ensure you choose the perfect luxury retreat.

Determine your list of must-haves

Together with your spouse or travel companions, make a list of features and amenities you’d like on your trip - do you want lovely expansive water views. Also are there any particular attractions or activities you wish to experience. Be imaginative and leave nothing out.

Now, divide your list into absolute essentials and “nice-to-have” items. Is it imperative that you’re walking distance from top attractions, or are you happy to hire a car or take your own car (which is recommended as Waiheke is a large island), or have transport arranged for you? Is it necessary to have seclusion and natural surroundings, or do you want something in the heart of the bustle? Do you need a full restaurant on-site, or do you intend to sample the fabulous award-winning cuisine around the island? Do you want a helpful team who’ll help arrange your itinerary for you? Do you want a pool or private beach within walking distance? Are you intending to fly over by helicopter and need a place to land?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of essentials, you can start your hunt for the perfect location to meet your needs.

Look at online reviews

Review sites like Trip Advisor, Booking.com and Expedia allow users to leave reviews about their stay. You can sort by Reviewer Ranking on Trip Advisor and sort by scores on Booking.com and Expedia. Set your minimum, say  9.5 out of 10 and this will quickly provide you with accommodation options that will most likely meet your requirements.

Remember to take reviews (and reviewers) with a pinch of salt. Everyone has different taste when it comes to accommodation, and what might be a deal-breaker to a reviewer is part of the charm for you. Don’t let a single bad review spoil your impression of a place. Instead, look for a general overview of a place and the type of experience they provide.

Ask friends for a recommendation

While reviews from strangers can be a good way to get a general consensus about an accommodation provider, a recommendation from a friend whose taste you trust will often point you to the perfect Waiheke accommodation.

Friends who frequently visit the island will be able to offer their expert suggestions on all aspects of your stay, from which vineyards to visit to the best place for your morning coffee. Just make sure you share similar tastes, or you could be in for a very interesting holiday.

Look for a pamper package

Budget is often a consideration, even with luxury travelling, so price up your accommodation with care. The most expensive room rate does not mean the most luxurious experience, so choose based on your preferences and amenities.

Look for accommodation offering special packages and rates, as these can be an excellent way to get the best value on your luxury experience. Te Whau Lodge offers four different packages to help you relax, unwind, celebrate, and indulge.

Are you ready to choose your luxury Waiheke Island accommodation? Discover divine luxury and the most stunning panoramic ocean and island views at Te Whau Lodge.


Posted by on November 12, 2018